Cook for us

Here is an opportunity for non-professional chefs who would like to cook what they want from the comfort of their home at their convenience with no commitment.

All work from home are not gimmicks. Any one who can cook healthy, simple and hygienic food at home can apply. There is no registration fee.

Food will be picked from your doorstep. And the food will be prepared with advance orders giving you at least 24 hours to get the ingredients and prepare the food.

We will build your professional cook profile. See example profile here Those who are interested themselves or any of their family member can join using the link below.


Home Foodie is a startup in the food sector. We provide authentic home cooked food ready for pickup and delivery.

The food is ordered with at least 24 hours advance notice and is cooked fresh without extra salt, extra sugar, and without additives, artificial flavors and preservatives.

Any healthy, simple home cooked food is good. It should be cooked fresh. No leftovers. You can say something similar to what you provide to your family.

No, you don’t need lots of investment for this opportunity. Only requirement is food handler certificate which cost $30. All meals will be pre-ordered, so there is no risk. Funds will be transferred to your account bi-weekly.

There is no long term commitment. Only expectation is to fulfill the orders placed on time and at good quality. You take orders when you are interested or have time and you don’t take orders when you are busy or not available.

No, there is no registration fees. You will be reimbursed for food tasting as well.

Please visit the link and complete the form . Once you complete the form one of our representative will reach you.

Once you complete the form our representative will reach you. Then a meet and greet will be arranged. Our team of professionals will visit you for photo-shoot, food tasting and menu setup for your profile build up online. You will be paid around $10 for the food you cook for food tasting. The kitchen area should be clean and hygienic. The cook profile will look like this

There are few basic requirements for the cook:
  • The cooking environment should be clean and hygienic
  • Food should be cooked fresh
  • Cook should be clean and well presentable
  • Nicely trimmed nails
  • Clean clothes
  • Tied hair

Packing containers will be delivered to you to pack food. The boxes delivered will be verified with the orders placed. Boxes will be microwaveable and recyclable.

Food should be ready 15 min before pickup and the food should be packed 5 min before pickup. Food when packed hot ahead of time gets soggy or loses its quality.

Direct payment will be made to your account bi-weekly