Home Foodie
Authentic home cooked food
for pickup or delivery

What is it

Home cooked food

Cooked fresh for you at home

No artificial ingredients or flavour enhancers

Always delicious

Cooked by experienced non-professional chefs, stay at home moms, grandmas

Cooked by certified Food safety handlers

Available for pickup or delivery

Eat authentic home cooked food, support your local community



How it works



Find cooks near you and their global cuisine


Select a dish or place a customized order

Pickup or delivery


Area covered

We are available in city of Toronto only.

Cook for us

No registration fee

Cook what you want, when you want

Get paid bi-weekly

No capital investment required

Cook from home

Orders sent at least 1 day in advance

Only requirement is Food Handling Certificate

About us

Chetan Grewal

Co-Founder and CEO
Chetan holds an MBA in Marketing and Finance. She leads the effort to promote healthy eating in the community and generating employment opportunities for members of the community. A passionate marketing Guru, she specializes in raising awareness of products, services and opportunities available to all of us.


Avneet Mangat

Co-Founder and President
Avneet completed his Masters in Software Engineering from University of Oxford, UK. He has been working for the last 12 years in London (UK), NY, Toronto (Canada), and Tampa (FL) as IT/software architect, Product development Director and consultant in various business domains - insurance, telecoms, publishing, manufacturing, tourism and health sector.